PCG, the body representing freelancers and contractors, have commented on the EU 2020 consultation. They have stated that they welcome the objectives of the strategy. EU President Barrosso has set in motion plans for a more sustainable social market economy which should result in a better use of resources, skills and knowledge. The strategy for turning this ideology into practice is the EU 2020 Strategy. The consultation period on this strategy commenced in November and ended on 15th January. PCG submitted their comments to the EU Commission and highlighted the need for wider recognition and promotion of freelancing as a career option.

The Commission is due to submit their proposal in the next couple of months. It is expected that the governments and EU Heads of State will adopt the EU 2020 Strategy at their Spring 2010 meeting.

Managing director, John Brazier, said: “It is important that European policy-makers fully familiarise themselves with the freelance model of working, which is already bringing benefits to the UK economy. By taking on risks in exchange for higher rewards, freelance professionals represent the dynamic and flexible workforce that Europe needs to thrive in the future.”

He continued: “Freelancing is an active choice mainly motivated by the desire for professionals to run their own business and secure a better work-life balance. The European Commission should consider it as an innovative solution to tackle unemployment and foster social inclusion, especially among young people and those over 50”.

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