Today marks the arrival of the much anticipated National Freelancers Day, an event organised by the Professional Contractors Group (PCG).  It is sure to be of much interest to the UK’s freelancing community, whether they work through umbrella companies or have their own limited companies.  PCG has devised the day as a way of showcasing the vital role of freelancers in the UK’s economy.  And it’s a contribution which hasn’t been missed by Prime Minister David Cameron, who has written to the organisation expressing his deep admiration for, “people who leave the comfort of a regular wage to strike out on their own.  It takes a lot of courage and without that courage this country would be a much poorer place.”

One of the main speakers at the event will be Dr James Bellini, a leading futurologist, who will be exploring the role of the freelance contracting community in the UK’s economic future.  The PCG also intends the event to address the issue of how contractors can survive in the midst of the current economic uncertainty.  PCG Manager Director, John Brazier, and the Telegraph Media Group’s Head of Business, Damian Reece, will be joining Dr Bellini on the day’s lecture circuit, along with a host of other prominent media, business and political figures.

Simon McVicker, Head of Public Affairs at PCG, hailed the day as an “exciting and exhilarating event” and expressed his admiration for the stature and quality of the panellists taking part.

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