The Professional Contractors Group will be present at Embedded Systems Conference UK (ESC UK) in Farnborough between the 6th and 8th October. Visitors to their stand (451) will have access to an abundance of information pertinent to contractors; whether you are an existing contractor or you are thinking of becoming one. This will include information on insurance, tax issues, accounting, personal finances and plenty of practical advice

There are currently 1.4 million contractors working across all sectors in the UK. The current economic climate, coupled with redundancies, means that many more people are choosing to set up in business for themselves.

John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG said: “In many ways freelancers are the embedded system of the workforce, often brought in to fulfil a specific function vital to performance, but receiving little recognition of the value that they contribute; they are the unsung heroes of the workplace. Irreversible structural, social and economic trends mean that freelancing is here to stay – it is a valid career choice and not just a stopgap for many and the growing number of professionals who are opting to go freelance is proof of that.

“Moreover, freelancers are increasingly being recognised as an immensely important, contributing group by major organisations and crucial to the success of UK plc. PCG has a wealth of advice and support available to anyone managing or thinking about setting up a freelance business and we encourage anyone considering freelancing to visit our stand at the exhibition to find out more.”

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