As part of the celebrations for National Freelancers Day, the Professional Contractor Group has called for “fairness, clarity and recognition” as it launched its ‘Manifesto for Freelancing’ at a House of Commons reception on Monday. This reception was attended by key figures from the three main political parties alongside PCG members and other prominent stakeholders in freelancing.

John Brazier, managing director of PCG stated: “Freelancers bring a degree of flexibility and a skill set to the economy which is a real asset for UK plc. This Manifesto clearly outlines the key messages the major parties need to adopt, in order to allow this vital part of the economic landscape to flourish”.

Brazier commented further: “We know that freelancing is helping business cope with the worst recession we have seen for 60 years.  But this has to be a fair deal.  Freelancing must be recognised as a legitimate business model.  Measures such as IR35 continue to place an unfair burden on nano-businesses.  If we’re serious about growing an enterprise-friendly economy we need to address these faults in our tax system urgently.  We will be continuing in the run-up to the election to take this message far and wide.”

The manifesto involves five main themes; fairer taxation, better regulation, recognition of freelancing as a valid way of working, positive vision for the future of freelancing and easier access to the market. The full manifesto is accessible via the PCG website.

In conclusion, John Brazier said: “This Manifesto demonstrates just how far PCG has come as a credible lobbying organisation in its ten year history.
Our first, but by no means our last manifesto will prove a clarion call for change, urging the next government to protect and advance the interests of this vital, vibrant and growing part of the UK’s economic landscape”.

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