Freelancer group PCG has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at highlighting the talent and skills which exists within the contracting population of this country and the contribution they make to the UK economy.

The campaign has been launched through newspapers and the website – – which will be focussing on the effectiveness, imagination and ability of the freelancing workforce. PCG have also been giving interviews on radio and television shows to highlight the campaign and have achieved support from many big names in industry, including Sir Tom Farmer and James Bellini. Richard Lambert, the Director general of the CBI has also voiced his support, stating: “Labour market flexibility will remain the UK’s real competitive advantage.”

Figures actually reveal that the importance of the skilled contractors, freelancers and consultants and their ability to respond quickly to changing needs should not be underestimated. In fact, it is valued at £21 billion.

Managing Director of PCG, John Brazier, commented: “Britain’s Brain Gain campaign is quite simply a statement of fact. The talent pool of freelance workers offers flexibility to companies, groups and organisations; it helps them manage risk and unlock innovation and talent within their business. It’s a no brainer.

He concluded: “Britain’s Brain Gain can bolster expertise and improve speed to the market. I would say to every MD in the UK, while your competitor is thinking about it, you could have a team of freelancers delivering it!”

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