The PCG has launched a high profile media campaign in the run up to the March Budget aimed at defending the country’s contractor workforce from unfair criticism.

While it is true that contractors working through umbrella companies have not been caught in the recent media firing line, the journalistic fury aimed at senior civil servants who have fulfilled their roles by working through their own limited companies could well create the inaccurate perception that there is something intrinsically dodgy about contracting.

There has been something of a media feeding frenzy in the aftermath of the Ed Lester affair, with a growing number of civil servants being ‘uncovered’ who have been remunerated through personal service companies. Although the tone of these reports has varied, some have been forthright in immediately alleging that those involved are practising deceit and are actually disguised employees – sloppy reporting, in other words, which could tar all directors of limited companies with the same brush.

In response, the PCG is rolling out a series of adverts (30 in all) across nine major national newspapers, all bearing the banner: “To think big about UK growth, think small.”

PCG’s Managing Director, John Brazier, said of the campaign: “Distrust created by the Ed Lester case has impacted on the hundreds of genuine freelance interim and contractor businesses who are working to benefit companies and organisations in both the public and private sectors.”

“Quite simply we had to speak up using the tools available to us to redress the balance and ensure the hysteria does not cause those in power to make a snap judgement in error that could damage growth for generations to come.”

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