John Brazier, managing director of PCG, the trade body for freelance workers, has started the new year by openly requesting a fresh approach to contractors by policy makers.

He said: “All too often Government and policy framers have failed to pay adequate attention to the needs of the UK’s 1.4 million freelancers. Freelance businesses are part of the bedrock of the private sector, bringing a degree of flexibility and a skill set to the economy which is a real asset for UK plc. There needs to be a clear recognition of freelancing as a valid way of working; fairer taxation, better regulation, easier access to the market for the smallest businesses and a proper appreciation of the changing work patterns for millions of people.”

Mr Brazier also spoke of the need for an overhaul of the tax system as applicable to freelance workers. He commented: “We want to see a pro-business climate fostered in the UK, a real commitment from policy framers to think small first, not just say it. Fair regulation means regulation that is clear, accessible and not unduly burdensome. Fairness means allowing freelancers easier access to the market for their services. The Government needs to ensure regulatory barriers, burdens and costs to tendering are reduced, so freelancers can truly compete with larger businesses.

In conclusion, Mr Brazier stated: “Heavy handed and senseless laws weigh business down like a ball and chain. This is even more so with nano-businesses. Every hour spent complying with red tape is an hour not spent productively. We need to free up Britain’s talents to create wealth, not stifle them with top down bureaucracy.”

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