Payroll Work for Contractors Increases as Companies Outsource

It has been revealed that payroll outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as a way for companies to reduce their expenditure. Along with cleaning services, payroll is one of the most common departments to be offered to freelancers, indicating that contractors will have more work over the coming months and years.

Promoter of successful outsourcing, the National Outsourcing Association (NOA) revealed that a large number of companies were now looking at hiring freelancers and private individuals to do their payroll, saving costs by not doing the work in-house. Chairman of the NOA, Martyn Hart, said “Outsourcing payroll is even more important for small businesses. Smaller teams and less capital to invest amplify the impact of the benefits. Payroll, along with cleaning, is the most common thing for small companies to outsource.”

There are a huge number of benefits to payroll outsourcing, with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently revealing that business costs could be greatly reduced. In addition, private contractors can provide greater expertise than many permanent staff members, whilst companies can ensure effective delivery of services, which in turn adds to organisational growth.

The news will be welcomed by the growing number of contractors looking for work in the payroll field. In addition, with many companies still struggling due to the volatile economy, any way in which to reduce costs whilst also ensuring competent work is received will be beneficial. As such, payroll outsourcing looks set to become increasingly popular.

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