The latest Report on Jobs published by REC and KPMG may not cause many PAYE umbrella contractors to break open the champagne, but it brings modestly encouraging new nonetheless. Recruiters reported that contractors working for umbrella companies were still in demand during July, with both temporary billings and permanent placements rising moderately.

Pay rates also rose from the low-point reached in June but remain subdued. Contractors in the IT skills market will be reassured to find that workers in that sector, along with engineering and construction, were the most sought after. Moreover, the supply of permanent candidates reached the best level in 18 months, while temporary availability hit its strongest point since February.

Commenting on the figures, the REC’s Chief Executive Kevin Green said ”This month’s Report on Jobs shows that the rate of jobs growth in July quickened from June’s figures. These figures show that the jobs market is continuing to perform well despite general weakness in the UK economy.  We have now had two years of continuous growth and employers are still continuing to hire staff, albeit not in the numbers needed to radically reduce unemployment.”

Mr Green added that the key reason why employment is continuing to grow even in difficult economic circumstances is the UK’s flexible labour market – employers are increasingly turning to temporary workers and “continue to see the value of using a flexible workforce.”

KPMG Partner and Head of Business Services, Bernard Brown, noted that, although the jobs market hasn’t deteriorated, employers in all sectors continue to be cautious about taking on new staff. Government cuts and falling real wages continue to depress domestic demand, he added.

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