The results of the latest Powerchex Annual Pre-Employment Screening Survey are in and they show that almost one in five job-seekers are lying to their prospective employers. The research is based on questions posed to 4, 735 job-seekers within the financial sector. According to Powerchex 19% of those seeking work lie on their CV and young people under 21 are now 30% more likely to lie on their CV than they were this time last year. Moreover, the research showed that IT contractors with less than factual CVs had increased three-fold to 18% over the past year.

Most young people surveyed stated that they were likely to change their academic qualifications, for example changing a 2:2 degree to a 2:1. Other job-seekers surveyed said that they would be economical with the truth regarding previous job titles and duties to exaggerate the responsibilities they had held. Others lied about their reason for leaving their previous employment.

Managing director of Powerchex, Alexandra Kelly commented: “This is the second year in a row there has been an increase in the number of candidates lying to recruiters. The pressure of the recession job market seems to have led more applicants to believe they should lie or make embellished claims to get jobs.”
Emma Entwhistle from IT staffing firm Crimson Skills, in an interview with Recruiter, said that recruiters needed to take the time to understand the industry, in order to identify those candidates who are being less than truthful.

She continued, “I have been in IT recruitment for 15 years. The way that most recruitment works is on buzzwords. It takes a long time if you are non-technical to keep up to date with technology. You have got to put the time in as a recruiter to keep your knowledge up to date and I think that is where a lot of recruiters are falling down. Get a proper appreciation of what contractors do rather than recruiting off buzzwords. Properly understand the role and don’t just recruit off the job spec.”

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