Vince Cable has unveiled the measures which will be introduced by the government in their bid to tackle red tape faced by small business and third sector organisations. The government are aiming to change the interaction between themselves and these businesses. They are already encouraging people to become involved by nominating legislation which needs to be reviewed on the ‘Your Freedom’ site which was launched by Nick Clegg.

Now, Mr Cable has announced that the one-in, one-out system will commence on 1st September. This means that in order to implement any new regulations which will affect small businesses or the third sector, the government will have to remove an existing regulation which has the same value.

The government will also have to abide by Principles of Regulation when considering any new regulations. They will also be subject to the scrutiny of the Regulatory Policy Committee which is an independent body. They will analyse proposals, examining evidence, prior to any legislative decision being made.

Mr Cable has also disclosed plans for government ministers to become involved in the Brussels process of implementing EU regulations at an earlier stage. The aim is to stop the process of ‘gold-plating’ EU regulations by negotiating earlier in the process.

Speaking about these new measures, Mr Cable commented: “Together these measures represent a fundamental shift in how Whitehall has traditionally used regulation as a way to command and control. We have to move quickly delivering credible and meaningful reductions in the burdens that hinder hard-pressed businesses and charities. We have to create a common sense approach in the way we think about new laws.

He concluded: “By ensuring regulation becomes a last resort, we will create an environment that frees business from the burden of red tape, helping to create the right conditions for recovery and growth in the UK economy.”

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    Isn’t it about time the politicians realised the vast majority want us running our own country and that we don’t want regulations coming from Brussels at all.

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