Freelancers will be able to celebrate the services that they provide on 21st November this year with National Freelancers Day; the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is running the event, and this is the fourth year of the event. As freelancing is referred to as the ‘third way to work’, it is to be held on the third day of the week and the event has been designed to benefit both newcomers to freelancing and more experienced contractors.

At the moment it is estimated that there are more than 1.5 million people working as freelancers in the UK and the day is a celebration of their independence and the work that they do for companies. On the day itself there will be a host of activities and events taking place, all of which are dedicated to the art of freelancing. Those who attend will be able to find out more about subjects such as HMRC and payroll issues. There will be workshops on how to make freelancing work financially and how people can become self-employed when they want more independence. Companies that could benefit from the services that freelancing workers provide can find out how to find freelancers to hire and what to expect when they do.

Those who wish to attend can find out more about using umbrella companies, as well as about tax issues. The PCG offers an online sign-up service for the event and it is important to book a place in advance in order not to miss out.

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