It would appear that the recession has actually brought good fortune to some It workers. For many years, there has been a distinctive pay gap between the north and south of the country, however, with the recent pressures resulting in pay reductions in the south this pay gap is now narrowing, according to ReThink Recruitment. They stated that wages in the north are actually increasing three times faster than wages for positions in London.

ReThink pointed to wages in the north which they said actually increased by approximately 9% in 2009 with an average weekly wage of £640 in the north west and £625 in the north. Conversely, weekly wages in London only increased by an average of 2%.

The agency has attributed these figures to predominance of IT staff within the financial sector which is now only just beginning to recover and thus recruitment is still slow. They also stated that the higher house prices in the south have forced IT staff to move further up the country and, as such, wages have had to remain competitive in those geographical areas. Larger IT employers, such as Siemens, Fujitsu, IBM and Cisco now have bases in the north.

Director of ReThink, Debbie Davenport, said: “”The North of England has been rapidly developing as a major IT hub over the last few years. It is now a serious challenger to traditional IT clusters [in the South] such as the Thames Valley.”

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