There can’t be many Umbrella Company Employees around who have not endured the frustration of receiving zero feedback after an unsuccessful interview; however, according to a top recruiter, the blame for this lies squarely with hiring managers and not with recruitment agencies.

Grant Weinberg, director of international talent acquisition with the US biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences, was speaking to a London audience at RecFest, an in-house recruitment event, last week. He said: “The hiring manager is the one running the final interview; however, they give the recruiter no chance of actually offering an unsuccessful candidate any feedback. It should be down to them to provide the recruiter with enough valuable feedback to go back to the candidate and tell them why they were unsuccessful.”

The feedback Mr Weinberg refers to is probably especially important to those just starting out on their independent contracting careers, as learning from experience as early as possible is clearly of inestimable value to ‘up their game’ next time around. As one delegate at the roundtable discussion following the presentation put it, the whole point of feedback is to inform a candidate “where they went wrong, and how they can alter their interview technique for next time.”

Other delegates reported that they frequently drew angry fire from candidates frustrated by minimal feedback and many agreed with Mr Weinberg, laying the blame on hiring managers who not only often contacted them after a long delay but also supplied feedback of “very poor” quality.

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