The often-lengthy interviewing process has been given a helping technological hand courtesy of a new online video interview software platform,, developed by David Dewey of York St John University.

Most experienced Umbrella Company Employees will be aware that having a smart CV is just the first step to landing that glittering contracting assignment. Taking part in a series of interviews comes next. Although this is the process that allows candidates to showcase their abilities and personality, it can stretch over an extended period of time and involves complicated logistics – interview panels and recruiters have to find times when they can all meet.

The new platform uses lifelike avatars to pose questions in place of live recruiters or employers, and is designed to radically shorten the timeline of the initial interviewing process. The software simulates real life interviews and is capable of managing feedback and liaison with candidates.’s developer and founder, David Dewey, said: “By using an avatar to conduct the interview, our software ensures that the process is professional and consistent whilst also enabling the recruiting company to hire higher-quality candidates as a result of using this innovative technology. For candidates, it makes the experience as natural as possible, simulating interaction with a real person and allowing them to focus on effectively answering the interview questions and presenting themselves professionally.”

The software not only wipes out scheduling hassles but also provides a consistent and fair interviewing experience: recruiters and hirers can set questions for the avatars to ask, which are then posed to all candidates.

Your next interviewer could well be an avatar.

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