Umbrella Company Employees and other contracting professionals may find it easier to land the most coveted new gigs courtesy of an innovative job search app designed for mobile platforms that cleverly taps the mushrooming trend in video recruitment.

The new app, SNAPP CV, gives the traditional CV a digital makeover by enabling users to supplement their written résumés and enliven their applications with short 60-second video clips that showcase their personality and enthusiasm.

SNAPP CV can be used on Android and iOS devices and is intended to help candidates stand out from the crowd by literally allowing their voices to be heard, which its developers believe is a potential deal-clincher in the UK’s increasingly combative and teeming jobs market.

The app is presently at the centre of a crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise £200k to finance development costs and help target its offerings to the right audience.

SNAPP CV’s CEO, Natasha Makhijani, said that the world of recruitment is undergoing major change thanks to the digital revolution.

Emphasising that her company endeavours to be at the forefront of that digital revolution, she added: “70% of employers admit that CVs are no longer enough when they’re trying to differentiate between candidates, and 85% of candidates themselves believe their personality is just as important as their qualifications when it comes to succeeding in their job. Our exciting mobile concept aims to give employers a new way to differentiate between applicants, as well as giving the candidates that prime opportunity to showcase their personality alongside their CV.”

There’s more on offer from SNAPP CV than digital video — the company is also giving candidates advice on writing CVs and providing one-to-one recruitment knowhow. Candidates can look up tried-and-tested techniques for successful interviews, learn more about the companies that they’re seeking a role with and subject their existing CVs to a personal review service. This aims to ensure that a candidate’s written material is fully optimised to create the best impression.

Ms Makhijani explained that millennials are especially fed up with being glued to a computer for hours on end, sending out identical CVs to a raft of employers that they haven’t heard of before.

Young, tech-savvy candidates want to be able to pinpoint the latest opportunities from the palms of their hands, she added, as well as have the technological means to send video messages while they are commuting to an existing job or out with friends.

Ms Makhijani has a clear vision of what the app will offer. She believes that it’s not simply a job search tool, but will become Generation Y’s base for recruitment.

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