A new survey is being launched to collect vital information regarding the working life of a contractor.

The survey is an initiative of the Professional Representation Network (PRN), a skills management service exclusively for contractors. It will try to encompass all aspects of life as a contractor, ranging from how to secure lucrative projects to the impact contracting has on personal issues, such as securing a mortgage. The Professional Representation Network hopes that its findings will be a useful insight into the contracting world.

A director at the organisation, Kristian Gourlay, said: “We work extremely closely with a huge and diverse pool of highly-talented contractors but we want to ensure that our business keeps on top of the latest issues and trends that are affecting contractors. We want our services to be as closely aligned as possible to what contractors need so that our bespoke service remains as effective and highly-valued as ever.”

Issues the survey will be focussing on include how the national economy has affected the availability of jobs open to the contractor; how contracting work abroad is sourced and managed; how contractors obtain their original skills and training and how they manage to keep their skills up to date; and how they engage with recruitment consultants.

Mr Gourlay concluded that gathering information regarding these and other key issues would enable the PRN to provide contractors with better and more wide-ranging support, as well as presenting them with more work opportunities.

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