Umbrella Company Employees specialising in engineering, as well as candidates looking for permanent jobs in the sector, have a specialist new niche search and selection agency to help them land the choicest assignments with the launch of Hanic International.

The aim of the agency is to help engineering firms looking for skilled staff to gain access to the best talent pool in the context of an expanding UK-wide shortage of qualified engineers. The agency’s founder, Ian Hopwood, said: “What’s more, businesses can’t afford to waste money on hiring the wrong candidate – they need to make sure that they attract the right calibre of candidate who will become an invaluable asset, otherwise they risk being left out of pocket. This has never been more important than in the current climate and at a time when there is a very real skills gap in this sector.”

The problem is a significant one: last year, it emerged that the UK has a shortfall of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) employees amounting to 10,000 every year. Mr Hopwood acknowledges that competition among both candidates and employers for the most talented employees is “very high indeed”, but believes that Hanic will offer real solutions.

Hanic aims to place suitably qualified candidates, whether they are seeking contracting roles or permanent jobs, with the most highly regarded engineering firms. Mr Hopwood says that the focus will be on recruiting the very latest talent to enter the engineering jobs market.

Sound recruitment today, he said, will assist companies to secure their talent pools for the future. With the present skills shortage, he added, “now is the perfect time to begin making the right appointments.”

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