A new tech innovation promises to revolutionise the recruitment of so-called ‘passive talent’: candidates with the skills and passion for a new opportunity but who are not currently seeking work.

Many skilled Umbrella Company Employees have had the experience of missing out on hot contracting opportunities because they have not been actively searching at the precise time the openings appear; now, thanks to a new big data and predictive analytics algorithm from tech company. The Crowd Works,candidates and the recruiters seeking them can link up in an instant.

The Crowd Works CEO Ami Bloomer says: “90% of digital data has come online in the last two years. Social media has made it possible to identify all the relevant candidates – both active and passive – but it hasn’t made it easier to match talent with available opportunities.”

Recruiters in search of passive talent ‒ perfect matches who are not currently in ‘search’ mode ‒ for top assignments have so far had to spend hours laboriously trawling through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Google+; now, with the new The Crowd Works widget, all they need to do is install the widget in their browser after logging in to LinkedIn, invite all their contacts to join their recruitment network, and the widget does the rest with a single click.

Recruiters simply upload a job description or go to any online job, click the TCW (The Crowd Works) icon in the browser and the widget instantly brings up all available job matches. Recruiters can then reach out individually to candidates, bulk contact them and/or annotate and save their details for future opportunities, turning passive talent into active in a jiffy.

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