Umbrella Company Employees with sought-after skills in the IT contracting market could be about to find it considerably easier to secure high-quality assignments thanks to a new ‘people aggregator’ tool for recruiters.

3Sourcing has just been launched by Raz Dinu and Tom Savage, the co-founders of the online marketplace for freelancers 3Desk. At its heart is an algorithm devised by Mr Dinu that draws into one place hitherto unstructured and scattered digital data about freelancers – their professional online footprint. Messrs Dinu and Savage had noticed a disconnect between candidates and jobs on 3Desk.

Mr Savage explains: “There would always be lots of jobs for hard-to-find candidates and lots of candidates, but no jobs for easy-to-fill roles. We were tinkering around trying to solve this problem, and that is how 3Sourcing was born. We shared it with some recruiter friends and they couldn’t get enough of it, so we knew we were on to something.”

Techies are the first professionals targeted by 3Sourcing, but others may follow. The tool indexes relevant sites such as Stack Overflow, GitHub and Dribble, and is essentially an easy-to-use search engine for recruiters looking for the most suitably skilled local candidate. They simply key in the skill they are seeking – such as Java – and the location of the vacancy, and 3Sourcing quickly brings up a list of relevant individuals with brief summaries of their experience and links to any online profiles and activities.

A number of agencies have already adopted the instrument and, although he remains tight-lipped about which skills 3Sourcing would focus on next, Mr Savage says the tool should end a time-consuming headache for recruiters – chasing after candidates who are no longer available.

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