Umbrella Company Employees and other candidates wanting to take their career to new heights have a new tool to help them shine at interview: an online platform connecting them to vetted professionals with all the expert advice that comes from experience in the chosen field.

The platform,, is the brainchild of former investment banker Magali McIntyre and offers ambitious candidates confidential meetings via phone or video-call with veterans from their targeted industries. The meetings range from candid discussions to provide better insights into the chosen industry to mock interviews and case study tests.

Candidates who have not yet acquired inside connections are the people Ms McIntyre is targeting with the service, which aims to put them in touch with “some of the brightest minds in their field”, as she puts it. Candidates will be equipped with the tools they need to access the most prestigious organisations, she explained, adding: “Today, candidates have limited opportunities to show their potential; if you have one shot at the career of your dreams you have to make it count. I have seen many smart candidates fail in their interviews just because they were ill-prepared and they had never been able to get honest feedback on their performance before.”

The professionals on standby to give advice come from high-level industries, including management consulting, private equity, investment banking, law and accounting. They are not mere interview coaches, as all are highly-qualified professionals with years of industry experience behind them – credentials that are carefully vetted by Route in’s team before they come on aboard.

Nabbing that dream assignment just got a good deal easier.

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