Umbrella Company Employees on the hunt for new contracting assignments have a powerful new tool to assist them, thanks to a free new iOS app developed by online recruiter jobandtalent.

The jobandtalent platform uses a linguistic-based algorithm that matches candidates with assignments across the internet. Upon registration, the new app lets users import their CVs from LinkedIn or email them as attachments, whereupon they are integrated onto the candidate’s jobandtalent profile.

As soon as the profile is finished, the algorithm begins scouring over one million online job postings from recruitment boards in Europe and the US, seeking and finding all openings that match the candidate’s qualifications, experience and preferences. Candidates can specify the locations they are interested in.

Recommended jobs are delivered to the candidate’s inbox after the algorithm has matched linguistic patterns in the job descriptions with those on the candidate’s CV. Rather ingeniously, the app continues hunting and matching even when it is not being actively used by the candidate. When jobs are identified, the app alerts the candidate via push notifications.

Juan Urdiales, jobandtalent’s co-founder, said that the app had been developed because more and more candidates were using mobile devices to access the mobile version of the site that was launched earlier in 2013. More people, he said, want to check for new opportunities that match their profile ‘while on the go’. Android and iPad versions of the app, Mr Urdiales continued, are in the pipeline.

Co-founder Felipe Navio said that most existing recruitment apps simply recreate the desktop experience, whereas the new is tailored for mobile, “creating an intuitive, beautiful app that adapts to a user’s behaviour and preferences.”

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