While it is true that Umbrella Company Employees who specialise in IT contracting work very hard, there is also a grain of truth in the saying ‘If you want to get something done, find a busy person’. A new initiative by the charity Career Academy UK could permit young people to benefit from the experience of busy IT contractors.

The charity, which connects young people to the world of work, has launched a new Career Ready Programme – a collaborative project bringing colleges, schools and employers together to help 16- to 19-year-olds to prepare for the workplace. An important component of the programme will be ‘e-mentoring’, using the talents and experience of IT pros working as administrators, programmers, engineers and managers to give students invaluable insights into their profession.

A secure platform has been jointly created by Career Academies UK and digital charity Brightside to permit students to communicate with IT professionals. Students can ask for advice, discuss their experiences and keep track of their progress using a digital skills monitor.

The charity will provide mentors with training and match them to appropriate students. The executive director of Career Academies UK, Anne Spackman, said: “Career Academies UK knows from its own experience that the best way to help young people get jobs is by connecting them to the world of work, and we have a ten-year track record of doing just that. As an e-mentor from the IT sector, you can become a crucial element in a young person’s journey from education to the workplace, providing guidance, motivation and helping them to complete tasks.

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