The government has launched a new survey that aims to get a better understanding of the needs of the flexible workforce in the UK. It is hoped that the survey will eventually help the government to find new ways to support contractors, freelancers and other individuals who work for themselves.

The survey is currently being hosted on the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website under the ‘consultation hub’ tab and will be open for responses from those interested until Sunday 8th November.

Cambridge Satchel Company entrepreneur Julie Deane launched the survey on Thursday. She explained: “It is so important for me to hear the views of those who, like me, started out on their own. I’m not just talking about the tech start-ups; this is for everyone from plumbers to accountants to beauticians who work for themselves.”

Ms Deane added that the survey was written with the aim of gathering meaningful information that could eventually be compiled into a list of recommendations for the government rather than merely being “an academic exercise”.

A report based on findings from the survey is set to be delivered to the government early next year and this is expected to form the foundation for future policies regarding the self-employed.

IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce welcomed the new survey and stated that it was time for the 4.5 million individuals who work for themselves to “have their voice heard”. He also encouraged contractors and freelancers to respond before the deadline, as their input could lead to real changes to issues such as saving for retirement and mortgages.

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