More opportunities look set to emerge for PAYE umbrella contractors specialising in the IT skills market after a significant new government investment aimed at boosting the UK’s e-infrastructure.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts announced that the £145 million cash injection is intended to catalyse growth and innovation in the engineering, computing and design sectors. Highly skilled specialists in IT contracting will almost certainly find that numerous work opportunities will arise, as new projects are given the go-ahead.

Mr Willetts believes that future economic growth hinges on making improvements to the country’s computing structure, which will help generate much-needed confidence amongst investors that the UK is a good place to bring their business. He thinks that there is potential for considerable innovation in the UK’s design and manufacturing infrastructure, which is likely to spawn a domino effect of innovative developments in other sectors.

The UK already has a world-renowned research base and the money will be of considerable benefit to our universities, which will have the green light to proceed with sophisticated research and develop new means of securely storing vast amounts of data.

While there is much uncertainty in the general economy, it appears that a growing consensus is emerging across numerous industries about the importance of IT to any prospect of future growth. We recently reported on the findings of a survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the CBI, which found that IT spending would be spared budgetary curtailment in the finance sector.

IT contractors, it would seem, are well placed to come through these choppy economic seas relatively unscathed.

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