Umbrella Company employees contracting as IT professionals can rest assured that demand for their talents will remain strong for the foreseeable future if they possess knowledge of Google Analytics, PhotoShop, and CMS platforms such as WordPress.

This information comes from the niche digital jobs board Bubble Jobs. Bubble claims that the UK’s digital curriculum is too narrow to equip students with the full repertoire of skills most in demand in the tech industry.

The UK this month became the first country to introduce computer programming as a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools with the aim of tackling the growing digital skills shortage; however, according to Bubble, while the new syllabus will help to equip pupils with web development and coding skills, it leaves other important skills completely untouched.

Of the 1,400 digital jobs advertised by Bubble in recent weeks, only 39% required ‘hard’ technical skills such as algorithms and coding. The remaining 61%, comprising social media, digital marketing and graphic design roles, required other skills such as Google Analytics, CMS platforms such as WordPress and PhotoShop.

Adam Butwilowski, Bubble Jobs’ MD, said that he was excited to see the government had finally recognised the digital skills shortfall but expressed disappointment in the limited scope of the current syllabus. He added: “Just over a third of the digital jobs we’ve advertised in recent weeks call for the technical skills which are now going to be taught, so whilst this knowledge is definitely important we feel that other, non-coding focussed skills are just as important and, as our figures show, so do employers.”

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