Jobbing Umbrella Company Employees are likely to be amongst a growing majority of people experiencing an upsurge in confidence about their future work prospects, a new study suggests.

The latest Job Confidence Index from the National Careers Service shows that 79% of the respondents surveyed have either maintained or increased their confidence levels concerning their current roles and their chances of finding new work – up 3% on the previous index in November last year.

The principal driver behind this burgeoning new confidence is the growing perception that economic recovery is finally gathering momentum: 57% report that their rising confidence arose in response to the UK’s improving business outlook. This represents a sizeable increase of 15 percentage points on the 42% recorded in August and November 2013.

More than one-third (34%) of the respondents linked their increased confidence to the greater availability of new opportunities, while 32% stated that possessing the right skills and qualifications had made them more confident.

Overall, national job confidence has climbed by 2.1 percentage points since November last year, rising from 53.5% to 55.6%. This represents a rise of 3.8% on the figure recorded in August last year, when the Job Confidence Index began.

The survey, which was conducted by the leading market research firm ICM, reveals that the increase in confidence is occurring across all UK regions and all demographic groups, with even the unemployed expressing greater optimism. The West Midlands and North East saw the largest surge in job confidence in the three months since the last survey was conducted.

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