With intentions of highlighting the many and significant contributions made to the UK economy by freelancers, contractors and consultants, the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has announced the launch of the first-ever National Freelancers Day, to be celebrated on 23 November this year. The day will be marked by special events in recognition of all key sectors within the contracting business.

Several key themes have been presented by the PCG to make clear on this day the place and importance of contractors in the UK economy, as well as to educate those outside the business about what a contractor/freelancer does and why people choose to engage in this type of work. These themes include the right of workers to pursue a career as freelancers; recognition of the freelance trade as a valid and respectable career choice; and the Government’s need to make the engagement of freelancers easier for employers.

The PCG hopes that the National Freelancers day will encourage people interested in becoming freelancers, as well as inspiring individuals and companies to consider hiring contractors, while also providing advice on the procedures involved.

John Brazier, PCG’s Managing Director, told Contractor Calculator: “PCG wanted to establish a special day for them and on National Freelancers Day we can recognise freelancing and celebrate the talents, achievements and worth of freelancers up and down the country…these events will bring together, and emphasise the importance of the UK’s freelance workforce.”

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