The up and coming National Freelancers Day serves as a reminder of how quickly this year has passed since it seems like no time at all since the 2009 event. However, it serves a much more important purpose than that. Every single contractor and freelancer in the UK plays a pivotal role in business and the economy. There are approximately 1.4 million contractors in this country who are responsible for generating a turnover in the region of £82 billion. The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) are determined to celebrate this fact on an annual basis through their National Freelancer events to be held on the 23rd November.

This year’s event follows on from the great success of the principal National Freelancers’ Day which was held last year. The event was a massive success as t raised the profile of the UK’s flexible workforce while celebrating the work which is done by these skilled individuals every day. However, there was another angle to the day which was to create a think-tank amongst those skilled workers where ideas could be shared around ‘The Future of Work’ which was last year’s theme. Once again, the event is themed this year around the concept of ‘Freeing up Potential’ which will promote the flexibility which working flexibly provides for contractors.

This is a belief which is echoed by John Brazier, managing director of PCG. He has highlighted that freelancing can improve an individual’s quality of life by providing a greater balance between work and personal life. There are events taking place across the country to mark this day of celebration. More information can be found on

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