Deciding to make a move into the arena of IT contracting can be a daunting but also extremely exciting venture. Although some people may initially be hesitant to make such a move because of the loss of the kind of security that was offered by their former job, working for yourself brings with it two highly important advantages: a greater degree of flexibility and a considerably increased potential for earning.

That being said, however, moving into IT contracting is not something that anyone should attempt to jump into straightaway with both feet and with his or her eyes closed. There are a number of risk factors that need to be carefully considered and a lot of preparation that also needs to done.

Even someone who may have more than two decades’ worth of experience in the IT industry will need to discover just what the level of demand is out there for someone with their skill set before they make the decision to become contractors working for themselves through umbrella companies or limited companies. The kind of rates that you will be able to demand will be dictated by factors such as your location, skill set, and the state of the economy in general, and this is something that it is very important to understand as you neither want to offer your services too cheaply or price yourself out of the market.

Job boards on contractor websites and specialist recruitment agencies are a good first place to start looking for contracts.

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