A new survey of 1,355 professional contracting specialists has found that over three-quarters (77%) would consider working overseas – but only if the conditions were right.

The poll, which was conducted by international professional services consultancy Procorre, found that the majority of those willing to make the move (55%) were attracted by the prospect of higher pay, although the second most-cited reason (52%) was the wish for an improved work-life balance. 44% of the respondents said they simply wanted the experience of working and living abroad.

Procorre’s relationship manager, Lisa Mangan, said: “Tax benefits and higher salaries are a real temptation for contractors that are considering working abroad. For those willing to make the move there are some highly-rewarded opportunities abroad.”

The higher pay rates are often found in remote or dangerous locations, although countries where particular skills shortages are especially acute also attempt to attract overseas contracting talent. Coexisting with a desire to work abroad, a number of pressing concerns also emerged amongst the respondents.

52% ‒ the highest proportion ‒ were worried about security risks, while 30% were concerned about such a drastic move when their families did not wish to relocate. 27% said they did not wish to leave family and friends behind.

Ms Mangan continued: “Relocating to dangerous areas can be a troubling prospect. Many employers will help the contractor with personal security for themselves and their family but some of the contractors we advise often need help negotiating with their employer over personal security arrangements.”

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