It has been revealed that the IT skills market is calling for more contractors to have soft skills, including competencies in areas such as financial awareness and people management. The research carried out by, an IT recruitment centre, showed that whilst contractors were proficient in their IT skills, many believed that they would be more attractive to employers if their soft skills were improved.

Taking a survey of over 1,000 individuals looking for jobs, CWJobs found that 93% of people believed that employers would find them more attractive as business candidates if their soft skills were more accomplished. Having a lack of business acumen and people management skills led 76% of those surveyed to reveal that it was this lack of knowledge that did not allow boardroom positions. An additional 86% said that they would be more attractive to businesses looking at the IT skills market if their soft skills were better.

With IT contracting currently booming in London, there is more work than ever for freelancers with the appropriate skill set. However, a boom could also result in increased competition in the industry, with professionals needing to differentiate themselves from others. Whilst having the technological experience and knowledge is important, having a base of soft skills, including business awareness and people management to fall back on, could just make the difference in gaining a client and going without work.

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