Hewlett Packard have announced 1,300 more job from their UK based operations.  This latest round of redundancies will bring the total to 6,000 over the past two years.  A representative for HP spoke to Contractor UK regarding the planned job cuts, stating that it was too early to tell whether or not IT Contractors would be affected.  At present the proposed job losses are under consultation but HP have stated that their aim is to improve and expand on their Enterprise Services unit.

The HP spokesperson commented: “We will be working with…[employee unions] to mitigate the impact, looking at options including redeployment of staff to elsewhere within HP.”

The news has been met with much criticism.  As the cuts were announced, the Public and Commercial Services Union stated: “This is not being driven by financial necessity, but by HP’s relentless obsession with profit.  It’s shameful that a company as wealthy as this should seek to make even more money by sacking loyal workers who helped to earn those profits.”

Unite union also commented on the cuts, drawing attention the “significant profits” earned by HP this year.  They referred to the proposed job losses as HP “continuing to butcher its highly skilled UK workforce”.

It is unsurprising that Unite have confirmed that morale amongst the HP workforce is at an all time low.  The Unite national officer, Peter Skyte, confirmed: “Lax employment protection in the UK compared to other European countries means that the UK is bearing the brunt of cuts, as it’s quicker and cheaper to sack UK people and export their jobs abroad.”

Mr Skyte concluded: “[HP’s] IT employees in India are complaining about the stress caused by tremendous pressure to live up to unreasonable targets and deadlines.”

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