Umbrella Company Employees and other temporary workers can look forward to more opportunities in the short and longer term, as UK employers gear up to hire more agency workers, contracting specialists and permies over the coming year.

This is the chief finding of the latest REC JobsOutlook report, which regularly polls 600 employers drawn from public, private and non-profit sectors about their hiring intentions. 41% intend to hire more agency workers/contractors over the next quarter, representing a 2% increase on last month’s total. Over the next 4-12 months, 36% of employers intend to expand their agency/contracting headcounts, which is the same proportion as last month.

Just 8% of employers plan to cut temporary headcounts over the next three months, while only 7% plan to do so over the next 4-12 months.

Candidates seeking permanent roles also have encouraging news: 61% of employers – 4% more than last month – intend to hire more permanent staff in the next quarter, while 56% plan to do so over the coming 4-12 months, representing a rise of 2% on last month’s total.

REC chief executive Kevin Green said: “Our data predicts jobs growth will return. While the current economic situation is still challenging for many businesses, there are also some positive signs. Although the recovery has been gradual, the UK has avoided the very high levels of unemployment seen elsewhere on the continent and employer confidence does seem to be on the rise.”

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