“We were delighted to welcome The Minister of State for Business & Enterprise Mark Prisk MP to Crystal Umbrella’s Business Centre at  Bluecoats House, Hertford.

Mark has long been a person that has been very supportive and understanding of the problems that face small/medium sized enterprises attempting to provide employment and cutting edge solutions. Business can sometimes be overly bureaucratic, burdened form filling and we too often find ourselves wasting time effort and money which could be better used promoting our business, providing employment and helping people that are prepared to “get out there” to enjoy the benefit of their hard work and initiative.

Our staff were very appreciative of Marks interest and support and more importantly his understanding of the difficulties that face our varied companies in a very challenging economic climate. Mark was full of praise for our energy, ideas and skills and believes there is a great future in working together, bouncing ideas off each other and helping to foster a climate that actively encourages business.

We all agreed that small energetic hard working and focused small/ medium sized businesses will be the engine room that drives our economy forward in the years to come. We also agreed that we will see much of each other in the years to come and hope that we can always help Mark to be fully aware of the everyday problems that face us and many other companies.”

Colin Howell Group Director

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