Umbrella Company Employees contracting as independent IT professionals might do well to consider seeking assignments with a tech startup, if new research from the specialist IT recruiter CWJobs is anything to go by.

The recruiter polled more than 700 IT professionals and found that a resounding 86% wanted to work for a tech startup. 58% were so keen on the idea that they were seriously contemplating starting a tech company of their own.

The main attraction of working for such a firm cited by nearly three-quarters of those polled (73%) was that startups gave them greater control over their jobs, while 53% said that small firms made IT pros feel more significant than bigger companies could.

On the downside, just 7% believed that enough was being done to encourage IT pros to release their entrepreneurial inclinations and start a tech company of their own. Most respondents also felt that the small tech firms themselves could do more to attract the industry’s top talent, with just 15% feeling satisfied that such firms were doing enough in this area.

The online recruiter’s website director, Richard Nott, said: “With the government proposing a startup culture in the national curriculum, small companies are proving to be big business for the UK. New companies are blossoming across the country and aren’t just constrained to the silicon roundabout. Clearly there’s great appetite from professionals, so startups should aim high and seek out top talent to help give their business a boost.”

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