Umbrella Company employees living in or near the capital are enjoying bountiful times as far as new contracting opportunities are concerned. A new study by CV-Library reveals that the number of jobs and contracts posted or renewed in the London area has rocketed by 52% over the last 12 months, with a 20% increase occurring in the last month alone.

Industries such as accounting, finance, insurance and construction saw the most significant growth in posted jobs and contracts. It also seems that job- and contract-hunters in the area have been seeking new work opportunities more actively, as applications rose by 6% between August and September, representing a year-on-year rise of 3%.

Both postings and applications tend to shrink in volume over the summer months, but September typically heralds the return from holiday of candidates and hiring managers alike. This September, the CV-Library data suggests, there has been an especially strong rise in the number of companies advertising jobs and contracts, a development that has been mirrored by an increased commitment amongst candidates to find new work opportunities. Recruitment in the capital, it seems, has resumed in earnest this year.

The lion’s share of the new roles created belonged to industries such as accounting, administration and construction, each of which also attracted the most candidate interest. Candidate activity rose fastest in construction (up 8% between August and September and 22% on September last year), accounting, finance, insurance (up 6% month-on-month and 7% year-on-year) and administration (up 1% and 2% respectively).

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