The Government’s decision to retain IR35 has come in for yet further heavy shell fire, this time from a prominent contractor and former external director of the freelance trade group, PCG.

In a letter to the contactor news outlet Shout 99, Phil Ross didn’t mince his words. He claimed that the Coalition has “blown it” as far as seizing an opportunity to IR35 was concerned and expressed his “bitter disappointment” in the government’s failure to act more decisively.

In his outspoken response to the decision, Mr Ross accused both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats of doing a U-turn on pre-election promises made in private to contractors and small business leaders. He believes the Coalition should have abolished IR35 within their first 100 days of taking office, a move which would have powerfully signalled that they were trustworthy enough to stick to their promises. Instead of the abolition or reform expected by the UK’s freelance community, they have ended up with “nothing but tepid words about working more closely together with HMRC.”

He argued that the previous Labour administration had declined his suggestion of a limited liability self-employed scheme to compliment the limited liability partnerships it had introduced, chiefly because ministers had not wanted to “deny themselves the huge tax yield that HMRC promised IR35 would deliver.” He believes that Chancellor George Osborne has fallen for the same questionable argument from HMRC as his Labour predecessor.

He urged contractors and the PCG to redouble their efforts to win the social and economic arguments in favour of IR35 abolition.

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