ONS Labour Market figures released yesterday show that the number of people in the UK who are in work has climbed by 694,000 on this time last year, with around 13,000 people finding jobs every week on average over the last year. Two thirds of the employment rise since 2010 has been in professional, associate professional or managerial occupations.

But beneath the headline figure lies another striking fact: the number of people who have found work by freelancing independently has climbed 6.6 per cent on the same time last year. According to Chris Bryce, the Chief Executive of the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, the growth in the UK’s professional contracting community has been little short of spectacular, with a “whopping” 14.7 per cent of the country’s workforce now made up of independent professionals.

As National Freelancer’s Day approaches, Mr Bryce went on:

“People from all walks of life are choosing to work independently, including young people straight from university. The latest ONS figures also show the number of women in self-employment is up 8.6% on year, which is far outstripping the growth of men working independently.”

IPSE, he said, would celebrate the “consistent rise of people becoming their own boss” on 19th November, the official date for National Freelancer’s Day. He added: “This is the UK’s biggest celebration of the enterprising individuals who make the brave decision to go it alone and will showcase the important work of freelancers up and down the country.”

More people than ever before, it seems, are contemplating Umbrella Companies and other means of launching their independent contracting careers.

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