NetDimensions announced today (14th June 2016) that it would be providing knowledge and learning management solutions to Keepmoat’s team of 3,500 personnel and supply chain contractors. According to a press statement published on PRWeb, Keepmoat has agreed to adopt NetDimensions’ proprietary learning management system (LMS) as its preferred personnel-training platform.

This development is welcomed by both companies, with senior staff from both sides expressing optimism over the huge potential of the robust LMS platform to take Keepmoat’s employee training programs to the next level. The NetDimension press release quotes Keepmoat’s Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Tony Leach, as saying: “Development of our employees and supply chain is critical to the success of Keepmoat. Our commitment is to offer our employees and supply chain the best possible training and personal development to help them succeed.”

The LMS draws much of its leverage from multiple analytical functionalities for tracking and monitoring learning activities as well as running evaluative reports. The LMS is designed to produce instant reports with the push of a button, a feature that will make it easier for Keepmoat’s management to tailor the reporting process to meet the desired thresholds. The flexibility and thoroughness of the LMS analytical functionalities further enhance Keepmoat’s readiness for complying with the recommended industry requirements for supervision, direction and control.

In his acknowledgement of the LMS’s robust capabilities, NetDimension CEO Jay Shaw was quick to add: “The NetDimensions Talent Suite supports high-stakes training and certification management for environments where safety and quality are critical. We are delighted to be working with Keepmoat to help ensure that staff have the right competencies and qualifications to meet the rigorous quality and safety standards in construction.”

This is definitely exciting and welcome news for stakeholders in Umbrella Companies and those in the contracting spheres, considering that Keepmoat is providing training opportunities to both its employees and supply chain contracting professionals. It is a notable trend-setting initiative that is worth emulating by other employers.

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