As the General Election looms large, focus is primarily resting on the manifestos of each political party. However, with this comes the growing realisation that no matter which party wins power on May 6th, the reality is that public spending will be cut in order to aid the country’s economic recovery. Inevitably this means there will be job cuts and less contractor opportunities as a result.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have stated their belief that contractors currently working within this sector are already feeling the effects of this extra pressure as they are required to do “more with less”.

The CIPD conduct regular job satisfaction surveys and their latest report shows that 18 per cent of workers in the public sector have fears of losing their job due to the economic pressure on the sector. 39 per cent of respondents said their department is already making or planning redundancies. To further compound this problem, 63 per cent stated that they would have difficulty finding future work in their field.

CIPD senior public policy adviser, Ben Willmott commented: “Our survey shows that many public sector employers have already made redundancies and that many more are in the pipeline. Not surprisingly, this is putting more pressure on public servants to do more with less, leading to an increase in pressure at work.”

He concluded: “Public sector leaders need to focus on communicating why change is needed and to consult with staff to find the best ways of making efficiencies without cutting frontline services.”

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