Busy Umbrella Company Employees who have little time to set aside for hunting down their next assignments might be interested in a new mobile app that does the job even while on the hoof.

There has been a massive trend toward mobile use over the last few years alone, with over half of the UK’s population owning at least one device. The likelihood is that the trend will accelerate next year, with the number of people using mobile devices outstripping those who use desktop PCs.

This has pushed recruiters to make job searching easier. More people are using the ever-expanding functionality of smartphones and tablets to do their job seeking, especially as it can be done on the way home on the train or from the comfort of the couch.

The latest app, developed for the global recruiter Fusion People, is designed to harness the potential of smartphones, tablets and their users alike. It not only pushes vacancy notifications when it is not in use, increasing the likelihood of users finding out about roles and applying, but it also customises vacancy searches in line with the user’s aptitudes and experience, harnesses personal profiles to notify users of relevant opportunities, and enables applications to be made from within the app.

Mobile apps such as this provide busy contractors with another highly accessible means of finding new placements. The mobile apps will not replace traditional methods of communication between recruiters and contractors, but they are another useful string to the assignment-hunting bow.

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