While experts are predicting that the IT sector is set to recover next year, 44 per cent of those seeking jobs from the IT Job Board believe that it will take until 2011 for the sector to recover. Twenty five per cent of those surveyed said they were looking for work as their role had been made redundant.

The IT Job Board reflected: “As we approach the last month of the year, this is a common time to start re-evaluating your position, your pay and your career progression. Many [IT professionals] decide to rethink their situation and start contemplating a new challenge for the New Year.”
Peter Healey, the IT Job Board’s sales director, commented: “I believe that next year the finance sector will really pick up. Banking was the first to be hit during the recession, but it will also be the first to recover, and it will offer a lot of opportunity in terms of IT recruitment. As we continue to get to grips with social and business networking, Web 2.0 skills will be critical, for example .Net and Java.”

The website continued: “Many companies’ budgets are renewed in January and this coupled with positive forecasts for the economy in 2010, could mean the New Year jobs wave will counterbalance the number of applicants. Fortunately, IT seems to be a thriving area that has not been as badly hit as some other industry sectors, so if you are considering a career move, there’s no time like the present.”

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