Contracting IT professionals and their permanent counterparts enjoyed a bumper month for work opportunities in August, according to the latest IT Trends Report from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) and recruitment industry data provider Vacancysoft.

Following a modest decline in the number of available tech jobs during July, vacancies rebounded vigorously in August to hit the second-highest peak in the last two years.

Breaking 16 per cent in August, tech vacancies are accounting for an increasingly large proportion of the professional vacancy market, the report reveals. Even so, some interesting differentials lie behind the headline growth figures.

IT development and engineering roles took 25 per cent of all advertised IT vacancies in August, yet their growth year-on-year was relatively modest at three per cent. Demand for managerial roles, by contrast, surged by 19 per cent year-on-year, suggesting that tech companies and other organisations are expanding the frameworks for their IT departments.

Umbrella Company Employees and permanent candidates with IT security expertise saw demand for their talents rocketing by 26 per cent year-on-year in August 2016.

Even though the number of technology vacancies in the Greater London area accounted for the lion’s share of all openings with about half, its year-on-year growth was slight at just two per cent. By contrast, demand ‘hotspots’ emerged in Wales and the West Midlands, both of which saw year-on-year growth in tech vacancies of more than ten per cent during August.

APSCo’s Chief Executive, Ann Swain, drew attention to the fact that, despite the negative forecasts made by some commentators about the effects on professional job availability of the UK’s Brexit decision in June’s EU referendum, hiring sentiment has stayed strong in the IT sector as well as in a range of other key economic sectors.

Underlining the fact that APSCo’s latest IT Trends Report recorded the second-highest peak in available IT roles in two years – a positive indicator of growth in the tech sector – Ms Swain added: “It’s somewhat unsurprising that IT security roles have experienced such substantial year on year growth, as business leaders become more and more aware of the business risks of a cyber-attack and look to expand their IT security function.”

“It is highly likely that this steep uplift will continue into the coming months, and indeed years, with both a survey from Lloyds’ indicating that nine in ten big businesses have suffered a major cyber-attack and the magnitude of the recently revealed Yahoo attack highlighting the need to establish an infallible security network.”

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