A new study from market intelligence provider Key Note reveals that IT recruitment in the UK underwent year-on-year growth of an estimated 7.4% in 2013.

The study provides encouraging evidence that the slowdown in IT recruitment that stretched over 2008-2009 is well and truly over. The IT recruitment sector has been in rapid recovery mode since then, with enduring economic recovery encouraging rising corporate investment in IT services and products and more UK firms giving the green light to IT project development and implementation plans that were mothballed in the dark days of the recession.

The study implicitly suggests that umbrella company employees and other freelance techies specialising in IT contracting will continue to be very much in demand, with the report noting strong concern across the UK about a significant IT skills shortage. Many of the companies participating in the study reported considerable difficulty in sourcing suitably skilled candidates, which is a problem that may pose an obstacle to further growth amongst specialist IT recruiters.

The government has attempted to offset the emerging IT skills shortage with a raft of investment programmes and other initiatives designed to increase participation and skills in STEM industries (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The report concludes on a confident note in the face of these concerns: the rapid growth seen in recent years shows little sign of stopping and is likely to continue for the next five years.

Demand for skills in high-growth IT areas such as big data, security and enterprise software remains massive, with annual recruitment growth expected to remain vigorous until at least 2017.

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