New data from international professional services consultancy Procorre reveals that the number of IT professionals switching from permanent roles to contracting leapt by 50% between 2009 and 2014, soaring from 143,000 to 211,000.

The rise is being propelled by four factors. After a lengthy period of post-recession slashing and freezing, IT budgets are at last rapidly on the increase due to:

  • More businesses drafting in IT contractors to upgrade systems previously mothballed by the recession but now promise to radically improve customer service, productivity and efficiency.
  • A burgeoning ‘app economy’ awash with investors and entrepreneurs, which is confidently predicted to rocket in value over the next ten years from its current value of £4bn to £31bn.
  • The stampede to m-commerce as more business extend their e-commerce operations to make them compatible with the mobile channel and its rapidly growing army of users.
  • The increasing turn to cloud computing as business seek innovative new means of data storage aimed at improving productivity and employee flexibility.

Procorre relationship manager Sophie Sarratt noted that many IT departments suffered swingeing cuts during the recession as businesses struggled to manage costs; however, hitherto neglected IT infrastructure is now being updated, driving an unprecedented demand for IT contractors with a high level of technical competence.

Ms Sarratt added: “As Silicon Roundabout continues to attract global investment, there will be further opportunities in the technology sector requiring the expertise offered by IT contractors. Their highly-prized skills are in short supply, so IT specialists are able to make the most of the high demand for their talents and maximise their earnings.”

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