Jobbing Umbrella Company employees contracting as IT specialists will be amongst the IT professionals who report a significant toughening of the interviewing process. New research by specialist recruiter Randstad Technologies has revealed that 60% of IT pros had more than one interview before being assigned to their current role – considerably higher than the national average of 35% and the biggest proportion of any sector.

The survey revealed the following percentage of candidates, sector by sector, who had more than one interview prior to obtaining their current role.

The MD of Randstad Technologies, Mike Beresford, said that the most successful IT pros were “masters of a broad range of skills”, which effectively meant that they needed to jump through more hoops in the interview process before securing their roles.

He added: “As technology evolves, so does the range of expertise needed to match – from cybersecurity to big data analytics to app development. The technology sector encompasses so much more than in the past – and taking advantage of the opportunities it opens is becoming increasingly crucial to a company’s success, meaning experienced IT professionals are highly sought after.”

Although many professionals are initially daunted by this, Mr Beresford said, IT pros are “rising to the challenge”. Familiar with learning new skills and adapting to new technology, he explained, “they’re not fazed by the multiple interviews required to secure the best jobs”.

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