Those who make a living by IT contracting via umbrella companies may be interested in the findings of a new report from software firm Version One, which reveals that no fewer than 86 per cent of IT professionals are reliant on an obsolete method of record-keeping – paper documents. Only one per cent of those surveyed said that they “hardly ever” use physical documents, whilst as many as 56 per cent admitted to being “very reliant” on them.

Version One’s managing director, Julian Buck, expressed astonishment at the number of highly trained professionals who still use paper, when electronic document management (or EDM) systems are considerably more economical. IT professionals above should be well aware of the advantages: EDM systems not only hugely cut down on the volume of paperwork circulated, stored and continually produced by organisations, but they provide instantaneous electronic access to imaged documents at the click of a mouse. These digital systems put an end to those frustrating experiences of rummaging through bulky filing cabinets only to discover that the document you’re seeking has been misfiled by the previous viewer.

There are appreciable time and cost saving to be made by using EDM systems – and they greatly enhance customer service, too, because they render all documents accessible without delay.  They’re also legally permissible, although, it appears, old habits die hard – companies are tending to cling on to old paper documents physically, despite the fact that they can be converted to imaged digital documents, “just in case.”

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