A new worldwide survey by Ernst & Young reveals that a massive 96% of senior UK executives believe that their existing cybersecurity arrangements are insufficient to meet their needs.

Moreover, 66% of the UK respondents reported that cybersecurity incidents within their companies had climbed by 5% over the previous 12 months.

The latest annual Global Information Survey from Ernst & Young reveals that while budgetary constraints are held responsible for the inadequate IT security functions by 69% of the 1,900 executives polled worldwide, 66% of them cite a lack of skilled staff as the primary cause.

In comments that signpost a potentially lucrative new direction for IT professionals contracting as Umbrella Company Employees in the UK, Ernst & Young’s information security director, Mark Brown, said: “A lack of skilled talent is a global issue. It is particularly acute in the UK, where government and companies are fiercely competing to recruit the brightest talent to their teams from a very small pool.”

He added: “As a result, while organisations feel they are addressing the right priorities, many indicate that they do not have the skilled resources to support their needs.”

Mr Brown warned that the pace of technological evolution will certainly accelerate and with it the magnitude of security risks. Companies that fail to take these risks seriously until they have suffered an attack of some kind are giving cybercriminals an advantage, he said, adding that greater employee awareness was crucial.

The implication is that, as the economy picks up and budgetary constraints relax, companies may begin turning in droves to Umbrella Company techies with security skills.

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