Umbrella Company techies contracting in big data analytics may find their next assignment comes courtesy of cutting-edge new software that mines LinkedIn, jobs boards and other online CV repositories to find the best-fit candidates for hard-to-fill technical roles.

Recruiters seeking the best tech candidates face an arduous struggle, as skills shortages have caused an unprecedented scarcity of appropriately skilled applicants. This means huge swathes of time spent sifting through vast numbers of CVs, which is a process that can result in the most suitable candidates being overlooked due to the recruiter’s ‘resume fatigue’.

The new software’s patent-pending algorithms can plough through thousands of CVs in moments, ranking each candidate in the process and slashing the amount of time taken to source the best talent: recruiters can see at a glance who stands out from the crowd.

The software was developed by ZLemma, an India- and California-based company, in response to the “mass proliferation” of data science jobs and contracts over the last two years. According to ZLemma’s UK director, Neil Salvi, the software is capable of scoring candidates according to their education, experience and skills at a rate of 250 per minute, saving literally hours of time for recruiters.

Mr Salvi pointed out that some of the best candidates are often located several pages down on LinkedIn and are all too easily overlooked by pressured ‒ and fatigued ‒ recruiters.

The software is currently focussing on the tech industry; however, plans are in the pipeline to extend it to other sectors. Now being rolled out in the UK, the software has already been used by big Wall Street and Silicon Valley companies in the US.

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